Erunwon Archdeaconry

Christianity was not embraced in Erunwon — Ijebu before 1893 due to the powerful influence of the pagan Oba Agbeluwo, the Elerunwon of Erunwon and his Osugbo Council as nobody dare professed the Christian religion.

However in 1894, the Christians in Erunwon braced up and sent a delegation to the Oba to formally request for a piece of land to build a Church. Miraculously, the Oba consented and demanded forty pounds as compensation for the land thinking that the poor Christians could not afford to pay such a lump sum amount.

The second delegation made up of Pa. Odumosu, Mr. Turker, the District Officer from
Ijebu-Ode and Daddy Daniel Otenaike the father of Oba E. A. Otenaike, the first Christian Oba in 1965 secured the land on the payment of forty pounds and 24 small bottles of Schnapps.

In 1901, the foundation of the first Church was laid and the building completed in 1906 but could not be dedicated till 1912.

History has it that St. John’s was the first name decided for the Church.
But on 6th January, 1912 when the dedication service was to be held, it was revealed by the officiating Minister that day was the feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord.

The Church was therefore named Epiphany in commemoration of that day.
The pioneer priest who was then a Catechist Teacher was Rev. D. A. Ogunbanjo, the father of Chief (Dr.) C. 0. Ogunbanjo, the incumbent Baba Ijo of the Church. He served from 1917 — 1923 when tj proceeded to St. Andrew’s College, Oyo for training.

In December, 1924, Rev. D. A. Ogunbanjo was ordained as a Priest and the first Vicar of the Church of the Epiphany. A new vicarage was dedicated on 1 December, 1980, and during the dedication, the Baba Ijo, Chief (Dr.) C. 0. Ogunbanjo was inspired and pronounced to the Congregation that a modern Church is needed to complement the new Vicarage which has outshined the old Church. .

This was unanimously endorsed. The foundation of the ultra modern Church with 1500 seating capacity was laid on 6th July, 1986 by Rt. Rev. I. B. 0. Akintemi, the Bishop of Ijebu Diocese while the dedication was held on 9th December, 1989 by the Most Rev. J. A. Adetiloye, Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of ‘Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

14 Vicars have served in the Church to date, the first being Rev. D. A. Ogunbanjo, January 1924 — December 1931 and the fourteenth, the incumbent Ven. Dr. E. B. Dairo 1st December, 2007 to date.

The Church of the Epiphany, Erunwon have the following structures in place. The ultra modern Church, the Vicarage, the Centenary Hall, the Curate’s residence and the Staff quarters for junior Church workers.