Under God, Ijebu Anglican Diocese met for the second session of the thirteenth Synod under the theme: “Christian steadfastness” and agreed that due to lack of steadfastness and commitment to Christian faith by the people, many vices have increased in the country and globally, signifying the end of time as exemplified below.
(i) Increase in the rate of kidnapping
(ii) Ritual killings and jungle justice
(iii) The recent bombing in NyanNyan and other identical destruction of human lives and properties across the country.
(iv) The “SOKA” saga and other “Aja ile” episodes that are rampant all over the country.
(v) Corruption in every nook and cranny of the country, done with impunity.
(vi) Almost total neglect of the youth leading to moral decadence and promoting all forms of vices including raping, armed robbery, cultism and ritual killings.
(vii) The terrorist abduction of 240 girls of Nigeria parentage.
(viii) The ferry disaster in South Korea resulting in the death of 300 people.
(ix) The air disaster with the loss without trace of Malasiam air plane with about 300 people on board.
(x) The war in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea by Russia
Furthermore, nowadays church does not assist much in improving steadfastness because the spiritual life has not been inclined towards steadfastness.
The time is rife for cleansing to emanate from the Church through Holy spirit directed spiritual rejuvenation and revival as well as bible study and prayer meetings for the church to recover its prophetic voice; that is unduely silent now.
Wrong signals are coming from the topmost level of governance that there is lack of respect for the sanctity of human life; indeed the nation has lost its soul to mammon and the devil.
Governments need to give better examples for sanctity and respect for human life.
The entire Christian family due to lack of steadfastness have been lethargic and have allowed the world and societal vices have an in-road into the hearts of people for too long, hence the need for this clarion call to rise up against the present challenges.
All Christians and every well meaning Nigerian should rise up as one to confront the monstrous situations and wage a war to retrieve the soul of the nation from the present level of decadence.
Presently our security apparatus have been compromised for religious, political and other personal selfish reasons.
Our security personnels are inadequate in quantity and the quality of their delivery has been polluted with corruption and lack of commitment.
They behave as a cult, shielding the bad eggs amongst them and within the society and promoting evil; while engaging in the aftermath of crime than its prevention. Corruption and other vices have risen to the peak while morality has fallen to its lowest ebb. amongst them.

Politicians want to win election at all cost and be in power for ever by all means.
Lack of employment and neglect of the youths who want to get rich quickly have promoted many vices such as raping, kidnapping, armed robbery etc. The situation in the country is pathetic and crimes are committed with impunity, whereas the right to protest by the masses is being eroded.
The Synod therefore resolved;
i. That a steadfast Christian is a person who convincingly believes in Christ as the redeemer from eternal death and damnation. He or she is a person who patterns his or her life along the examples of Jesus Christ and will not waiver under any situation in his/her faith.
ii. That all Christian leaders should be more faithful and steadfast in their calling as true shepherd of their followers and representative of Christ.
Similarly Christian in leadership positions particularly in governance, commerce, security and other sectors should also be more faithful in the faith they profess.
iii. Having observed with heavy heart the lack-a-daisical attitude of the Federal government to the recent tragedies involving the innocent citizens of the country depicting insensitivity to the sanctity and respect for life, calls on the government to show more concern for human life.
iv. The Synod noted the status of the police and other security apparatus 0and calls on the on-going National conference to consider more options to promote general overhauling of the various security organizations for more effective crime control and general security of the nation.
To motivate the security personnels they should be better equipped, well and promptly paid their salaries and other emoluments and exposed to regular training to be able to combat crime and promote state security through modern techniques.
The police should be professionalized and the trained police should be licenced like other professionals. The body of the police organization should be chartered with a code of conduct enshrined there in. In this regard the lecenced policeman/officer can be employed by organizations, the Federal State or Local governments and even individuals
v. The Synod also want the forth coming elections to be free and fair; to be conducted under a conducive and peaceful environment without any rancour and any act of lawlessness toward winning at all cost.
While reposing some confidence in the INEC, it must be guided strictly and incorruptibly by the rules of the election and any party, group or individual who runs against the established rules for the conduct of the elections should be appropriately sanctioned. The INEC should ensure that the 2015 nationwide election be conducted freely and fairly without any bloodshed or civil unrest.