Ijebu East-Central Archdeaconry

The 1892 Ijebu Expedition or Magbon war between the Ijebus and Britain was termed “the missionary war”. The conquered Ijebus were the ones who responded to Christianity enthusiastically, Through Pa Abraham Ebenezer Odulana, Christianity was introduced to Ijebu-Ife in 1895. Pa Odulana and Isaac Taiwo traded in rubber with one Asani Afowoke in Ejinrin market. Pa Abraham Odulana bought ABD which was introduced to him by one Mr. Okudiri at the market. He was taught how to read and write and was won unto Christianity, He won some of his people to Christianity and the converts were meeting in his house to learn how to read ABD and also for Christian Worship at Ereke Isapodo Quarters, Ijebu Ife.
There were stiff opposition to this new religion. They thought Christianity and Western Education would deprive them of their children’s labour on the farm. They prevented their children from taking part in both.

Pa Isaac Taiwo was the first Synod Delegate for the church. In 1896, some converts from Ijebu Ode came to encourage and consolidate those in Ijebu-Ife. Rev R. Coker came later to visit the converts. An incident that occurred in 1897 won many converts unto the Christian fold. Small pox killed Mr. Efünuyi Dekanmoju because of the tradition and contagious nature, nobody moved near the corpse except the Christian converts who believed that no harm would come to them.
Mr. Sidi was sent for training as the first Church Agent/Teacher. Rev. R. Coker came to administer the first baptism at Ijebu-Ife in 1900 for 120 candidates from Owu, Ikija and Ijebu-Ife. A permanent place of worship was erected on 15th August, 1900 at Iwade Ijebu-Ife. The first confirmation was conducted by the Rt Rev. A.W. Howells in Ijebu-Ife in 1955. The first Vicar of the church Rev Z.A. Enitilo resumed duty on 1st January 1962.

The Church became the seat of Chairman for Ijebu East Central District on 1st January 1984.

The Church became an Archdeaconry seat in the year 2000 and Ven M.A Nuga was inducted as the first Archdeacon on 25th June 2000. The inauguration of the Archdeaconry came up on 22nd July, 2000. The Church has continued to grow since then.