Synod Bible Study



TEXT: 1 JOHN 1:1-4; ACTS 17


First we give god the glory for the grace gives us to see another synod of this great diocese. Secondly we appreciate Baba and Mama Ijebu , the Rt. Rev. (Dr.) and Mrs. Awosoga. Thirdly we greet all the members of synod. Finally, I bring you greeting from Egba west Diocese.

The first Epistle of john can hardly be distinguished from a doctrinal and practical treatise. There is no address to it. There are no salutation at the end of it. No author’s name. He called himself “the elder” in them. The characteristic of the epistle are the characteristic of john’s other writer. There are so many common features in them all is so peculiar, so unlike that of any other of the New Testament writings, that the simplest and easiest hypothesis is that all are the work of the apostle john. Written in the year 96 or 97.

What then is the apostle john? It is found where a purpose statement is often found, which is in the introduction of a document. In this epistle: that which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the father and with His So Jesus Christ. And these thing we write to you that your joy may be full. (1 John 1:3, 4)

In order to in pack the meaning of these first four verses in the verses in the fist epistle of john, let us look at these five main assertions in the text:

  1. Christ, our life, has eternally existed with the father.
  2. Christ our life, was manifest in the flesh.
  3. Through Christ incarnation john has obtained fellowship with the father and with his son Jesus Christ.
  4. Therefore, john makes the proclamation of Christ the basis of his fellowship with other believers.
  5. John longs for the fullness of joy that comes when others share his delight in the fellowship of the father and the son.



  1. Christ, our life, has eternally existed with the father.
  2. Christ, our life, was manifested in the flesh.
  3. Through this incarnation we obtain fellowship with the father and with his son Jesus Christ.
  4. Therefore we should make the biblical understanding of Christ the basis of the fellowship with other believers.
  5. And we should seek to draw others into this fellowship because we long for the fullness of joy that comes when comes when other share the delight we have in the fellowship of the father and the Son.


So part of what we must let people know as we witness is that no hidden place from god who has revealed himself to us through his incarnation. The theme presupposes that god is all-seeing; for his eyes move to and from and slumbers. Jeremiah 23:24 poses a very important question ‘can any hide himself in secret place that go shall not see him? then Jeremiah 49:10 proverbs an appropriate answer ‘He shall not be able to hide himself’ again Ezekiel 28:3 reads ‘there is no secret that they can hide from god.


God know absolutely everything about me! He know my actions: when I sit down and when I get up (v.2): when I go somewhere and when I lie down (v.3). He is intimately acquainted with all my ways! He know my words: in fact, he even knows what l am going to say before l say it (v.4)! he evens knows my thought from afar (v.2b).Like a caged bird, He’s got me surrounded, with his hand upon me(v.5). There is no escape from his thorough, penetrating knowledge. So David exclaims (v.6): “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me: it is too high, l cannot attain to it. “Your first reaction to that thought is probably, “Where can l run to hide?

  1. I CAN’T ESCAPE GOD’S PRESENCE (139:7-12).

Where do you plan to run to? Heavens (v.80)? God is there! The first Soviet cosmonauts irreverently joked that they didn’t see god from their spaceship. But god saw them! He is there! Do you want to head east (“wings of the dawn, “v.9) or west (“remotest part of the sea”)? You won’t dodge God (v.100) You can hide in the dark, but God is light and he will find you out (vv.11-12). Since God is everywhere, you can’t get away from him. Again, David is intensely personal about: God isn’t just everywhere; everywhere l go, He lays hold of me (v.10)!


          The thought that darkness doesn’t hide us from God leads David to consider that God formed him in his mother’s womb. Though hidden from human eyes in that day before sonograms, David was not hidden from God’s eyes (v.160)


The inescapable conclusion of the fact we can’t escape from the living God is an inescapable commitment to holiness.


1        What lessons have we learn from 1 john 1 : 1:4?

2        In which way has god shown to us he is not hidden?

3        Is there any way we ca hide ourselves from this God?

4        How can a person develop a sense of God’s unshakeable presence, so as not to sin?


          Regardless, all may wonder whether the only place to hear god speaking is in the past. Is God still speaking today? Has God not given any contemporary witness for God’s presence and activity in the world today? In fact, God is often found in one of the last places we think of – the church. For when the church is at its best, the church tells fresh the story of God’s good news across the ages. Bu the church can become the living embedment of God’s presence; encountered in the love ad care demonstrated by the community for each other, for the sake of the world. At its vest, the church can be such a community, and can be a symbol of God’s presence among us as “God’s-found,” and not “God – hidden.

May God give us the consciousness of a little that everything we see, everything we are every world we say, every place we go, everything our had do is constantly seen by God; for its is impossible to commit any sin that is not under the searchlight of God.



TEXT:         ACTS 17


Paul like Apostle John in this passage pass across what he had seen heard and touched. Proclaimed Jesus is the Messiah. Paul was careful to give evidence of the Messiah’s suffering and resurrection which is the heart of the gospel (see I Cor. 15:1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Note that in the sermons I Acts, you will find and emphasis on the Resurrection. John Sttot wrote that – Christianity is in its very essence a resurrection religion… the concept of resurrection lies at its heart. If you remove it, Christianity is destroyed.

(3) Acts, in the original language, contains several terms which were characteristically used by physics , and Luke was a physician (Col. 4:14).

(4) The text passes from third person (“they”) to first person (“we) and back again repeatedly when describing some of Paul’s travels. These changes would indicate that the author was one of Paul’s traveling companions, which Luke was (Col. 4:14; 2 Tim 4:11; Philem. 24). Further, the author does not name himself but uses “:we”. So it appears that the author is a traveling companion who is Acts, so this also seems to confirm that Luke was an author. Also, the change sin person logically agree with the times when Luke seems to join or lave the group. (Ex. Acts 16:6-10).

Theme: Acts is a history of the early church and of the spread of the gospel (note 1:8) . It is not a record of all the acts of all of the apostles, but of just some of the acts of some of the apostles

Date: The book ends with Pail in prison in Rome for the first time. His subsequent history is not recoded, which would indicate the book was written before that history was know. This would date is about 62 – 64 AD.

Summary of Sections: The spread to the gospel in Jerusalem (Chapters 1 – 7);; The spread of the gospel in Judea and & Samaria (Chaps 8-12); the spread of the gospel throughout the earth (Cap 13-28).

There was a synagogue at Thessalonians, so Paul went there, as was his custom whenever he visited a new city 17:1-02. He preached at the Synagogue on three Sabbath days, trying to prove to them that Jesus was the Christ., the waited Messiah. He cited evidence from the scriptures that the Messiah had to suffer and die and rise from the dead 17:3.

The narrator tell us that the Jew Berea were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they not only received the message with eagerness, but also searched the scriptures to confirm it 17:11

Paul’s desire to preach the gospel led him to both the synagogue and the market place 17:17. He reasoned with Jews, God-fearing Greeks and others whom he met at the market place, this mode of ministry was some what unusual, since Paul was snow reaching three groups at once.

17:21-22 a commendation Paul began by commenting on something positive – I see that … you are religious 17:22.His basis for saying this was the number of shrines that he has seen, which had been included one dedicated to an unknown God 17:23

And yet, God is not far from us, since in him alive and move and have our being 17:28

Now is the time to need their ignorance, the Athenians, like all other peoples, had acted in ignorance when they made their idols and God in his mercy has tolerated this. But now Paul has come as a messenger to remove their ignorance and to announce God’s command that people everywhere must repent 17:30. The subject of God’s hiding is merely theoretical matter in the Hebrew Psalm. It cuts to the core of the psalmists’ understanding of God and of themselves. Thus at times it prompts sincere lament from God’s people. Isaiah 45:15 likewise sums up a central Jewish view of God.;”Truly you are a God who hides himself. O God of Israel, the savour, “God’s hiding is sometimes a responses to human disobedient and moral indifference toward God (Deuteronomy 31:16-19, 32:19-20; Psalm 89:46; Isaiah 59:2; Micah 3:4), but this is the full story behind divine hiding. The Jewish -Christian God hides at times for a range of reasons, to all of which seem clear to humans, Andre Malraux said, “Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”

Jeremiah 23:24 says, “Can ay hide himself in secret places that I shall to see him? Jeremiah 49:10 says “He shall not be able to hide himself,” we area in Ezekiel 28, Verse 3; There is no secret that they can hide from thee.

There is need to hide in the secret place of God

There is a secret peaceful hiding place where we can experience peace in the midst of the raging storms of life. The secret place is a place that provides spiritual refuge for our lives. It’s a fortress of spiritual protection where we can find inner peace ad rest for our souls./ the psalmist expressed great confidence in the fact that whoever trusts in the Most High God can find security and serenity in what he calls “the secret place” (Ps. 91:1)

Psalm 139:7-8 is very instructive as far as the theme is concerned: “I can ever escape from our Spirit! I can never get away from your presence! If I go up to heaven, you are there; if l go down to the depths, you are there. In fact those who are trying to hide from God will hear as bad news the fact that God knows where they are. Are you trying to hide from God? It is pointless to do so.

There are three things that man tried to hide from God that he cannot hide from God. Man tries to hide his sin. The man tries to hide his soul. And third, man tired to hide himself. God knows your foolishness this morning. God know what you drink; God know her you go; God know how you dress: He knows what you say, known what you hear. There is not a sin committed that is secret, not a one that can be hide from God Almighty.


One of the reasons we are so prone to making self- centered, emotional choices, is that our souls (4) and our bodies (5) (i..e the flesh) are still dominated and controlled thy the “power of sin” (23).



Man can do nothing to hide his soul from God. In call your attention to three verses: “And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wide had themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden. And the Lord God called unto Ada, and said unto him,, where art thou? And he said, I heard thy voice in the grade, and I was afraid, because I was asked, and I hid myself “ – Gen 3:8-10


I’m just saying, dear friend; there is no permanent hiding place in this worlds. There is no place in this world that offers real security outside of Christ.

“Rock of Ages, cleft for me

Let me hide myself I Thee.”

You can’t hide your sins from God, you can’t hide your soul from God, you can’t hide yourself from God; but you can hide your sins in God, you can hide your soul in God, you can hide yourself in God by faith in Jesus Christ. “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.” (Hebrews 4:13). Every kid thinks that Mom must have eyes in the back of her head. More than one mischievous child has wondered, how did she know did that? Call it intuition, a sixth sense or maternal wisdom; it’s amazing. Yet when it comes to knowing the truth about you, God even outranks mothers.


  1. What must we so to participate is spreading the Good News about Jesus like Paul
  2. Just what is this secret place?

A secret place is a place of hiding. A secret place is a place which no one else knows where it is. A secret place is place where no man see what is in it. God’s secret place is a place of safety.

  1. How can we find the secret place of God’s peace?
  2. How does one draw into the secret place of God?

You draw into three secret place by givng yourself totally to God

  1. What are the benefits we receive in the secret place of the most High God?
  2. Why does God withdraw the sense of his nearness from his children?

Let me suggest several reasons that may help us as we go through he shadow.

  1. God desires to reduce our dependence upon feelings.
  2. God desires to reduce our dependence upon Himself. God is Revealed in his Hiddeness. But there may be another reason for God hiding Himself. In the every times that God hides Himself, it reveals something to us about who he is.



The secret place that the Psalmist spoke about can be defined as a place of protection and peace that we receive from God. The next verse actually explains the secret place. Psalm 91:2 “I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; I him I trust, “The secret place is a place that provides spiritual refuge for our lives. It’s a fortress of spiritual protection where we can find inner peace and rest for out souls.

When we enter into the secret place of God’s provision and pace for our lives we can be assured that we will not be overcome by worry and anxiety.

The way into the Lord’s secret pavilion is so narrow that father and mother, brothers and sisters and friends, must be left behind. Jesus may speak; but if you are not deaf to the voice of father or mother, you may not hear Him. Children also must be left behind. God may be calling you a secret place where He can tell you secret things. It may be far from home it may be over the stormy seas; but father, mother, brother, sister or children may talk so loudly to your heart that you cannot hear God’s voice. “The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him.”* Too fear God is to keep His commandment (Deuteronomy 5:29). To enter into the secret chamber of God, your own life must be left hind. Self must be crucified.