The Communique

 Introduction: Under the banner of Jesus Christ, the Synod which held from 18th – 20th April, 2013 was presided over by the Diocesan Bishop, the Rt. Revd. E. Ayo Awosoga and was attended by invited Obas and dignitaries, Diocesan officials, Clergy and delegates from all the Parish churches in the Diocese. The opening service had HRH Oba Samuel Olufisan Ajayi, Odundun Asodedero 1, the Alayetoro of Ayetoro Ekiti sharing his testimony as a Christian Oba, who turned his domain away from darkness into the light of the Eternal God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 
The theme of the Synod was “Kingship (Obaship) and Christianity”.  At the official opening of the Synod, the new Archbishop of Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province, and Bishop of Ibadan North Diocese, His grace, the Most Revd. Segun Okubadejo PhD,F.C.I.P.A. who is an indigene of Ijebu land from Christ Church Porogun was honoured along with his wife in recognition of his recent elevation as the Archbishop of Ibadan Province.
Synod Theme: The Synod agreed that the Lord is the King over all the earth and all earthly kings derive their kingship from Him. Although, the kings are said to be custodians of our culture and traditions, yet it must be noted that all men and women (kings inclusive) will one day stand before the throne of God to give account of their stewardship. Against this background, no king has any moral justification to drag his people back into idolatry in the name of culture. Therefore, all kings, particularly those who are Christians should as a matter of duty lead their people out of idolatry and all forms of occultic practices. The kings wield a lot of influence on their subjects and their views are well respected by their people. This position of influence must not be exploited to drag people away from God rather it should be advantage to every king who wants to do the will of God.    
State of the Nation
Expansion of Roads: The Synod appreciates the effort of the government particularly in Ogun State, in her quest to provide modern roads for the four major cities in the state with the intention of fast-tracking the needed infrastructural development, however, it urged the government not to forget the rural feeder roads from where most of the food items consumed in the city centres are transported. It further appeals to government to adequately compensate those whose houses were demolished to allow for the expansion. Also, the Synod implored the government not to renege on her promises to the people by speedily completing the various road projects initiated in different parts of the country. 
 Security: The Synod wishes to call the attention of the Federal Government to step up efforts in improving the security situation of the country. The Synod condemns the wanton destruction of lives and properties by Islamic extremists in the North, the spate of kidnappings in the South East which is gradually beginning to rear up its ugly head in the West. The government should equip the Police better and make them more accountable to the tax payers whose money are used to fund the Police force. Synod observed that the government has not done enough on the issue of eradicating corruption in the country particularly in the area of oil theft, and that efforts should be geared towards empowering the various anti – corruption agencies in the country to deal with all facets of corruption. It further appealed to Politians not to heat up the polity as they gear up for the next elections.
Amnesty programme: While the Synod is not opposed to the idea of granting amnesty to Boko Haram insurgents, it urged the government to tread with caution and show justice and equity by adequately compensating the victims of Boko Haram attacks. Also, the Synod join other well-meaning Nigerians to sue for peace and earnestly pleads with the South -South to avoid reprisal attack which will worsen an already tensed situation.
Condolence: The Synod with a deep sense of loss commiserates with the family, the Church and the Nation on the demise of late Otunba Prof. Segun Odunuga(1937 – 2013), one time Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Olabisi Onabanjo University,  Ago – Iwoye, and the first Nigerian to write his Doctorate thesis in Russia language.  The Synod notes with profound appreciation to God, a life well spent in the service of God and humanity, with positive contributions to the growth of the Diocese and pray that God will give the family the fortitude to bear the loss.
Conclusion: The Synod acknowledges with deep gratitude to God His protection on the Bishop, Clergy and all delegates throughout the period of the Synod and wish to urge all our Obas (kings) to see themselves as kings under the great King of kings and Lord of lords. It urged in particular all Christian kings to allow their faith to reflect on the leadership they provide for their people.
Ven. Chris Etietsola 
Clerical Secretary of Synod,
Ijebu Anglican Diocese
Rt. Revd. E. Ayo Awosoga                                                         
President of Synod and Bishop                          
Ijebu Anglican Diocese