The Weekly Process / Time Table

The weekly process / time table:
Didactics in lecture or seminar forms, ten hours; Interpersonal relationship discussions (IPG) three hours, Individual supervision by a qualified CPE supervisor(IS), Practicum 27 hours. From the didactics presented, the interpersonal group discussions done, the individual supervisions conducted by the CPE supervisor and the practicum done, the students developed their theological understanding and reflections on specific human situations of ministry within the African context. The students developed communication skills in interpersonal and inter-professional relationships; they became capable to interact with interdisciplinary teams in the process of helping persons. The students’ abilities are challenged and they became emotionally present to patients / persons. The students’ interventions to persons contribute to persons’ healing and wellbeing.
The students became more sensitive to the persons’ concerns / issues, and they became more non-judgmental in their approach towards persons.
Theological reflections on specific human conditions give those who do CPE new understanding of ministry which can be adapted within the African context.